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Hot Tub Costs – find out what really goes into the price.

Why can’t I find hot tub costs online??

This is usually the question people ask themselves while shopping for hot tubs.

Like cars, hot tubs come in many varieties, with different features, and technology.  Determining which options are important to you will have an impact on how much your hot tub ends up costing.

Some of the most common “add-ons” found in the purchase of a hot tub are:

Hot Tub Cost (2)







Other factors that impact the cost of a hot tub are:

  • Construction: rotationally molded v. acrylic
  • Electrical configuration: 110v plug-in v. 230v hard wire

Construction and electrical configuration are the two most important factors in determining how much a hot tub will cost.

How It’s Made:

Traditional hot tubs are typically made from acrylic.  The shell, or seating area, is thermo-formed.  The shell rests on the exterior cabinet, and the internal substructure made of wood, metal or plastic  is needed to support the shell and weight of the occupants. The supporting structure requires both material and labor to assemble which can contribute to a higher price tag and a heavier spa.  Acrylic hot tubs tend to be more detailed and elegant and can range from mid-priced to high priced based on the types of equipment and features.

Rotationally molded hot tubs on the other hand, start off as a powdery resin, and are heated and spun in a mold, until the resin melts and takes the shape of the hot tub mold. This process creates a solid, uni-body hot tub whereby the shell and cabinet are all one piece.  A substructure is not needed, therefore the material and labor costs are dramatically reduced.  In addition, the hot tub is significantly lighter than its acrylic counterpart.

Heavy Internal Substructure

How It’s Installed:

Electrical configuration and installation costs are other factors that contribute to the cost of a hot tub.  Some hot tubs feature plug-n-play technology, meaning they run on 110 volts and do not require a dedicated outlet. These hot tubs come with a GFCI cord and can be plugged into any standard outlet without installing a dedicated circuit.

Larger and more powerful hot tubs require 230 volts and hardwiring into a GFCI subpanel. A professional electrician will be required for this type of set up, which can be costly based on how far the wiring must be run from the main breaker in your home to the area the hot tub will reside.  You should discuss this with your hot tub retailer before you purchase.

how much does a hot tub cost

 So how much does a hot tub cost?

Now that you know what goes into the price of a hot tub, you can expect to find rotationally molded, plug in hot tubs to cost between $2,699 and $5,000, and acrylic, 230v hot tubs to cost between $5,000 and $15,000.

Interested in pricing on a specific hot tub?

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