2 person hot tub on a balcony? No problem with our small hot tubs!

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The modern day hot tub has evolved from one person oak barrels heated by fire all the way to 15+person acrylic behemoths reminiscent of beautifully styled, high-end sports cars.  If you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles but still want to reap the benefits of hot tubbing an entry-level rotomolded hot tub is right up your ally.  These compact hot tubs are lightweight and can be taken just about anywhere, while still offering high-quality performance and relaxation. Figuratively speaking, smaller hot tubs are what the tablet is to a desktop computer: lightweight, portable, durable, and easy-to-use.

Lightweight: The models typically weigh between 270-450lbs and comfortably seat 2-7 people.  This means a few people could easily lift the tub to place it their backyard or load it into a truck.  See entry level models here.

Portable: The average size of a pickup truck bed is 5ft wide and 8ft long. When flipped on their side, most entry-level spas could fit in a truck bed in order to be moved to a new home or taken on a weekend getaway. Spa party anyone?

Durable: Their aesthetically pleasing, rotationally molded exterior makes these small hot tubs virtually indestructible, so taking them with you when you move is easy and worry free. Did we mention they have the same quality components as the top of the line spas? No need to sacrifice quality heaters, pumps or jets!

Easy to use: Using small hot tubs are as simple as turning on a light (really)! All you have to do is fill it up with a garden hose, plug it into a standard outlet (110v), and enjoy! And because they’re fully foamed and insulated, they stay hot and ready all the time. Think Mom and Dad could figure it out? (Not like programming the DVR!)

Think your backyard (balcony, boat or RV) is too small for a hot tub? Think again! Contact your local Retailer to see how portable and compact hot tubs can really be!

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