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Hot Tub Arthritis Relief

The CDC estimates that 50 million adults in the United States have some form of arthritis. Typically treatment for these suffers means lots of prescription anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. However, some medications cause side effects, and a natural approach to pain relief is becoming more popular. Simple hot and cold treatments can make a world […]
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Hot Tub Sleep Benefits

Having trouble getting some shut eye?  You’re not alone, according to the Center for Disease Control, more than one-quarter of the U.S. population report occasionally not getting enough sleep, while nearly 10% experience chronic insomnia. Experts say an average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, which can be nearly impossible for some individuals. […]
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#1 Ranked Hot Tub in Quality and Value within Entry Level category

Much like Yelping a new restaurant, you must do your research when purchasing a spa or hot tub. Impartial, third party hot tub reviews are a great way to do just that. In July, 2013 SpaRetailer™ Magazine recognized Freeflow™ Spas as a“spa manufacturer that consistently provides a superior dealer experience based on independently audited dealer satisfaction surveys“. […]
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